Friday, December 4, 2009

Pamela anderson nude. New.

Pamela anderson nude. New pics from google.

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Which celebrity you hate the most? I hate some celebrities as Vanessa Hudgens - > I think shes nice until you see how disgusting nudity OFE her. HUEK, shes a bad role model for children. Miley Cyrus - > you think shes cute shes also tottaly NOTHING. Hannah Montana is soo boring and I cannot stand his bad action. Naomi Campbell - > Well, well, she's a supermodel. But it must be that annoying? Or is it just to watch the public pay for her? LOL, I still hate it. Pamela Anderson - > Shes sooo not, and his face is so ugly, especially the lips, huek. And do not think shes sexy? Oh, no, she doesn't. These are the celebrities that I hate more. I think that Paris Hilton even better than them. Well, dont get angry if not d ' agree with me. So, whos celebrity you hate the most?
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